This pen I created reminds me of my vast collection of gems, crystals and the many facets to my personalty and life.


The Wizard pen is a majestic pen made from gun metal, 22 k gold, rhodium and features a Swarovski Crystal on the clip.


Kingwood: From Brazil. Rare Stunning wood that is dark purple or reddish brown with dark streaks. I can only get this wood in small pieces because it comes from a small confined Atlantic forest in Brazil. For hundreds of years, Kingwood has been the wood of Kings in France, England and Europe. Used for furniture, cabinets, instruments and fine articles, it has dignified the halls of fine historical locations. The wood turns amazingly well and is strong and takes a high natural polish. 

The Wizard - King Wood

SKU: Wizard-King
  • All pens are special uniquely handcrafted and are not refundable.

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    Thank you, James

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