The Sage - this particular pen I carved from Olive Wood that represents my deep love for a true master of the mind, body and soul. A man that was a big influnce in my life, Jesus Christ. The Sage propelled me for the seeking of truth, and this pen operates from the principle of "the truth will set you free". It is associated with self-reflection, meant for comprehension that enlightens our path to individuality. It will direct you to asking questions to self for reaching the answers one seeks in life.


Wood Source:  Olivewood  

This OliveWood is from trees still producing fruit in Bethlehem since the time of Jesus. This beautiful brown green striped wood from the Holy Land where Jesus prayed under the Olive tree. See picture of authenticity card.


This custom hand turned pen is plated with Rhodium, a member of the pleiadian group of precious metals. Rhodium's brilliance, hardness and beauty have made a favourite of fine pen makers and collectors.

The Sage - Olivewood

  • All pens are special uniquely handcrafted and are not refundable.

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