One that is at peace with worldly paradoxes uses humour to illuminate sanctimony between people of power and those without.


The Jester is for those fun-loving characters who seeks the now inviting others to partake in creating, projecting infectious joy and letting go. They strive for light-heartedness and carefree living.

The Jester is ballpoint twist pen. Two-tone gold and chrome plating with decorative accent band; includes Parker-style refill.


Wood Source: Walnut

Walnut is a rich milk chocolate brown wood with a gold shimmer that grows in Eastern Canada and United States. It can also be light pale colour and have a slight purple hue. It has a medium texture with a moderately straight grain. It is massively popular amongst woodworkers.

The Jester - Walnut

  • All pens are special uniquely handcrafted and are not refundable.

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    Thank you, James

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