A unique and exciting concept of handcrafted pens, presented by one man's utilization of nature's natural resources. These richly grained rescued woods are  contrasted with  precious metals that adds that special detail of artisan creativity. The artist, James Young, offers beauty and exclusivity in this world of mass production. Each creation has a lasting impression that only fine craftsmanship can provide.

I've been through a lot, hit rock bottom, but I came out better than before.

Now, I have the time to create and work with my hands in my small tiny make-shift workshop in my basement, but I have bigger plans to open my own shop one day. Now, it's online.


There is nothing better than witnessing people writing effortlessly with my majestic pens for the first time it makes them feel a special way and  It has been a great source of pride for me.

Young Craftsman

Cambridge, Ontario


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