All of my pens are unique and one of a kind.

Here are some of my favorite woods to work with.

Imagine the feeling of holding piece of ancient near fossilized history in your hand, carbon dated 5000 - 6000 years old (3400 BC)  Ancient Bog Oak  from the Ukraine , buried in peat bogs and is a pleasure and honer to work with  . This s a unique black dense material , its beauty and quality will leave you speechless. This oak has been lying at the bottom of rivers in depths of three to seven meters,devoid of oxygen the tannin in the oak , reacts with the iron salts giving its beauty , colour and longevity. Each wood comes with a carbon dated certificate.Carbon dating independently verified by the Université Laval in Quebec. 



Cocobolo from Central America is a favorite of mine to work with.The smells of sweet spice leaves a sweet lasting smile on my face. It's stunning range of colours of purple and ornange making every piece vary unique.  This dense tropical wood changes colour when worked with  and it's a treat to witness it transform.


Kingwood: From Brazil. Rare Stunning wood that is dark purple or reddish brown with dark streaks. .I can only get this wood in small pieces because it comes from a small confined Atlantic forest in Brazil,For hundreds of years Kingwood has been the wood of Kings in France, England, and Europe. Used  for furniture, cabinets, instruments, and fine articles, it has dignified the halls of  fine, historical locations. The wood turns amazingly well, is strong and takes a high natural polish. 

Stabilized Black & White Palm tree. Stabilization refers to impregnating soft wood with resin, strengthening the wood  so I can carve it.

This wood is from Asia and Africa. The lighter brown body has black fibres. The centre core of the tree is soft and light in colour and leaves the wood 2 toned  to perfection.


Because of the massive demand for this wood, it has become the most expensive wood on the planet. Bocote hails from Mexico and Central America. This beautiful wood is known for its sharp brown and black stripes which pierce through the golden yellow body. The dark lines flow naturally in the wood revealing a zebra-like contrast. This strongly figured, bold wood has a grain that leaves you in awe. 

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